Sunday, 4 May 2014


Charcuteria: The Soul of Spain

Recently I returned from Asia having been away for many weeks, this always endures having to face a large amount of mail including all those bills that require paying. However on this occassion instead of facing the drudgery of official brown envelopes I was pleasantly surprised to see a large package that had been delivered from the United States. In fact it was sent from publishers whom I had no knowledge of until now that is. On opening the package I was surprised to see a copy of the above book in all it's glory, my first re-action was oh no not another charcuterie book, however it soon became evident that this book Charcuteria is different.

This book offers you the inner depths of Spain at its very best, including stories of Spanish butchers, the sharing of charcuteria techniques that are only familiar from some of Spains smallest regions. The book links the past with the future in a very sympathetic way using friends and family around the table whilst unwittingly caring for charcuteria for the next generation.

You are welcomed, fed and watered along with being given a place by a warm fire as you thumb the pages of this book, a must have for your bookshelf, however its better placed on your kitchen table.



Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Thee: Salami Cabinet

Being in the world of Salumi and Charcuterie I'm often approached to evaluate products, some companies even ask me to endorse their products with some offering cash to do so. Well I've never gone down that road and if I evaluate something then it will be because I wish to and usually because I find it positive to do so rather than dwelling on issues of negativity.

Recently I was introduced to Julie Croker of who has recently been importing and supplying Salami Cabinets here in the UK. She asked me would I like to join her at my local butchery suppliers with a view to checking out her latest product. At first I was sceptical as I had already have in the past turned down working with another company (Italian) who specialises in this type of product and as I found both them and their product had issues to the point where I refused to be associated with them.

Then came Julie and her machine, well what can I say? Not only is this machine all singing and dancing, it is robust, it is smart, it is quality, it is clever in it's design and it is in budget too. Starting from £4,799 this machine can give you your return in less than six months.

At a time where diversification is imperative to stay ahead of the competition, this salami cabinet along with it's all it's other uses will steer you ahead in the current marketplace whilst it consistently provides you with superb and exciting products.

Rather than me banging on about it to the point of boring you, why don't you take a look for yourself  here at and  ask Julie to email you all further information.

Qoute promotion code: LCA