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Friday 3 December 2010

Thinking of fish this Christmas?

Are you fed up with turkey for Christmas, if you are, then consider fish and support your local fishmonger or maybe visit your local smokery. I hope the following pictures inspire you to try something different.

Thank's for looking, I'm off to Jacksons now to get myself some salmon, which I'll cure and smoke myself.
Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Great pictures!!

    Check out my blog.. I smoke salmon quite often.. and there is no salmon better than Alaskan ( in my humble - arrogant american opinion )

    All the best to you!!


  2. Thank's Todd, Can't say I've ever tried Alaskan salmon, In 1982 I canoed through the Rocky Mountains in Canada whilst fishing over the side for salmon as we went, brilliant experience!

  3. Amazing!!!!! I am so envious of the abundance of seafood in you're able to have. If had as much lovely seafood available to me, I'd have a seafood Christmas, too!!!

    I just started curing my own bacon, unfortunately I don't have a smoker. It taste incredible not smoked, but I am sure the flavor would be even better if I had one! I can not wait to see your smoked salmon! Thanks for sharing, Marc!

  4. Hi Marc! Wow.. Very cool photos. I only wish I could head down to the wharf to pick up the local fresh catch. I would love to see how you smoke your salmon. Even more... I would love to taste it!

    Have a super day! - Megan

  5. HiSommer your green bacon hand sliced looked great, you could smoke it with some military mess tins, get your man to get you some.

  6. Megan, how on earth did you get those photos looking so great, those shots of the snow and light were great! Have you a new lense or camera?