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Sunday 8 May 2011

Chicken Gizzard Salad

Chicken gizzard salad or Salade de Gesier is one of my favourite dishes, expecially this time of year where we have a great selection of salad to choose from. Sadly poultry gizzards are rarely used in UK, I can only add by saying that's a great shame.

So assuming we have already prepared our gizzards by curing them for approximately 4 hours, we now need to gently confit them for a few hours more until they become soft. Here we can pack them in fat and store them until we need them.
Start by sauteing some lardons and as the bacon begins to brown add your gesiers to the skillet to heat through. You can if you wish also warm through some walnuts at this stage.

Arrange a dressed green salad on your plate along with some citrus segments and any nuts you may use, then place your warm gizzards and lardons over your salad.

Adding a piece of freshly baked puff pastry to the dish will complete the salad perfectly.

I hope you enjoy this little salad as I do and if you do, then please ask your poultry suppliers to utilise these pieces of offal instead of discarding them.

I would like to THANK my friend and colleague Mickael Weiss of http://www.mickaelweiss.com/ for supplying me the confit gesier for this dish.

Gizzards by post! I think that was a first, merci Mickael.

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