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Monday 17 December 2012

Empire Farm Butchery & Charcuterie School

If you are searching around on the internet on where to go for a butchery or charcuterie course, then www.empirefarm.co.uk  could be the place for you.

You can get the chance to work with Organic and Traditional Rare Breed pigs of which the school is well known for rearing and using.

Learn how to smoke your foods such as fish, meat and cheese using a range of smokers including the Pro Q range. We will also demonstrate on how to use indoor smokers too!

Empire Farm is an 100 acre plus organic farm but also diversifies in the making of prestige poultry huts and equipment all from recyclable materials. The farm also boasts some wonderful holiday accommodation, where you can stay and get involved with the feeding and cleaning! The farm is only a 5 minute walk from Templecombe village railway station which is on a direct line from London Waterloo to Exeter. This makes it particularly easy for those travelling through the Home Counties and to those who visit us from overseas

Catch up on the latest books on charcuterie in the market place including French & German printed books (don't worry Marc-Frederic will translate), we have a small library collection of butchery & charcuterie books for you to browse. Marc-Frederic's book is available at www.lecharcutieranglais.co.uk however if you attend the butchery school he can personalise a copy for you on your visit.

See, touch and taste the ever increasing collection of salts from the market place, plus learn how to make your own variations of flavoured salt including lemon salt, vanilla salt, seaweed salt and more.

Learn how to operate the Bradley smoker in both cold & hot smoking modes. (open the door and you'll probably find your lunch will be being hot smoked in this one) We can also teach you how to build your own smokehouse if you prefer to be smoking on a grander scale.

Learn how to butcher meat by breaking down carcasses or primal joints and gain a traditional skill that can be past down to your children.

Don't be surprised if you end up eating what you butcher, cure or cook at the school, for it is often your lunch.

We will teach you filleting skills which will enable you to then cure whole fillets of fish ready for smoking.

Or maybe you would prefer to learn how to make a Gravadlax, in order you can impress your family and friends.

On the Game days we teach you how to skin and butcher animals such as deer and rabbit, also how to pluck and dress feathered game such as pheasant and partridge. If it's in season, then we will probably be using it in class.

At the farm and depending on the time of year, you have the chance to see the various animals that are reared to be processed through the butchery school.

Learn how to make such items as Ballotines and Galantines with your reared birds, or how to make a 3 bird roast.

Learn the different methods of how to prepare and butcher poultry including trussing with and without twine.

Maybe you wish to make some prosciutto from your ducks or geese or maybe some rillette, what ever your desire is with farm reared food, the probability is we make it here at www.empirefarm.co.uk .

The most popular gift trend at the moment is Vouchers, so why not consider purchasing your partner, friend or relative a voucher that can be placed against any of the offered courses either in part or in full.

Go on, surprise someone today and put a smile on their face :-)

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