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Monday 12 August 2013

Hampshire Charcuterie Launch at the New Forest Show 2013

A few pictures from the recent Hampshire Charcuterie Launch at the New Forest Show which was unveiled by the Countess of Wessex.
I didn't have the Countess on my radar as being a "Foody" how wrong was I, she chatted at great length about food, including mentioning her family butcher and that she had recently tasted some fabulous mutton charcuterie at the Kelso Show.

Charcuterie board and book gifted to the Countess of Wessex

The BBC news team using pies(charcuterie) for a pye chart on an report on immigration 

Sarah Hunt the Food & Farming section show organiser
Great job Sarah!

Tracy, Anna & Jane

These guys are having too much fun!

Sarah hard at it as usual..

Simon punting his black pudding, lovely it was too (shame it wasn't real blood though). 

Sarah still grafting

Are you still here?

Charcuterie tattoo such is the growing fashion today in this subject

Are they still filming...

Sarah and the Royal Protection team discussing something, what were you saying Sarah?

Cor, he's still there filming..

Angela Hartnett a very admired professional cook, thanks for taking the trouble Angela!

Ah thats me discussing charcuterie with Her Royal Highness

Isn't she lovely?
Sarah still working....
 Well done to all at Hampshire Fare with their Hampshire Charcuterie Project, you are leading the way in local food & fare....


  1. Does Edward also take an interest in food, as does his brother Charles? Looks like it was a grand day!

  2. I'm not certain Jean, but I'm sure he shares his wifes interests so a good chance he does..