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Saturday 9 October 2010

Prosciutto di Anatra

Prosciutto di Anatra or Duck Ham to the likes of you and me, this has to be the easiest form of Italian charcuterie we can imagine to make.

Firstly take your duck and cut off the legs and place to one side for further use, perhaps for a French rillette or confit.

Now following the breast bone, cut away the two breasts.

Place the two breasts inside a ziplock bag and add 30g of ground sea salt per kilo of meat and for this dish add some grated zest of orange.

Here I have used a local sea salt after having first ground it down to a fine consistency, I then applied it to the duck breasts until all areas are covered.

Having left the breasts to cure in the fridge for 3 to 4 days turning daily, I then take them out of their bags and pat them dry with a paper towel and hang them to air dry for anything upto several weeks, depending on your own personal taste.

I do though, like to use my prosciutto as a carpaccio soon after curing, here I slice thinly and arrange on a plate before adding a small salad along with an orange garnish and an orange juice & olive oil dressing.

This refreshing dish is perfect to share at the table amongst friends, so please give this simple dish a place at your table.

Tip: The duck breasts could if you so wish be cooked in the convential way after the curing stage, here they would take on the flavour of duck bacon, truly scrumptious!


  1. Beautiful!

    This one has been on my list for some time.. and so simple, as well. You've just inspired me to get off my butt and make some this week.

    All the best.


  2. Hello Marc! You are amazing. I'm sure I would have gone the rest of my life having never heard of such a thing as duck ham, if not for your unique and fascinating blog.

  3. Jean

    Flattery will get you every where !!

  4. Hi Marc,

    Just a quick question. My duck is due out tue fridge tomorrow and I was wondering if I could hang it in muslin as I don't own meat hooks.


  5. Hi George

    Muslin will work fine or you could thread some string or cotton through your meat and tie off.