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Saturday 6 November 2010

Counting Currants

On a Wild Game Day at Empire Farm recently, we tackled Sika deer, pheasant, partridge, pigeon and wild rabbit.

The day consisted of , how to prepare your game for cooking including making game sausage and game pies using hot water pastry. We started the day with the dry plucking of our assorted birds, then we skinned and butchered the sika deer, finally we skinned and butchered our wild rabbit. The one task we have some fun with is, when cleaning and preparing the rabbit, we ask the attendees to use their little finger and push out any remaining currants that maybe left in the anal tract. This always causes a sqeamish groan from the ladies and laughter from the men, to lighten this task we ask everyone to count their currants and the person with the most being the winner.
In the past the winning count as always been 6 or 7 currants, well that is until Simon, pictured above managed a count of 17, yes that is right 17 currants in that little rabbit. As you can imagine there was lots of laughter and a round of applause when the last currant popped out.
It was said on the day, so I'll repeat here "Simon, you are full of ****" ha ha.

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