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Monday 1 November 2010

Ham Hock & Game Terrine

Now the game season is well under way, it is time to think about what will we turn our well earned gains into. My first game dish of the season is this Ham Hock & Game Terrine served with; rocket leaves, tomato, red radish, fresh peas in the pod (to complement the pigeon in mine) and a quenelle of wholegrain mustard, or and not to forget some freshly baked crusty bread.


2 x Ham hocks
1kg x Mixed game meat
400g x Streaky bacon (optional)
200g x Forcemeat
1 x Large carrot
1 x Stalk of celery
1 x Sprig of thyme
1 x Glug of brandy
Salt & Pepper to taste


Cook the hocks in simmering water with the carrot and celery for 2 hours, then leave to cool before seperating the individual muscles.
Gently fry your mixed game meat medium rare, then flambe with the brandy, then leave to cool.
You can if you wish line your terrine with the streaky bacon, then place your meats and forcemeat inside the terrine in any order and having first seasoned it well.
Having filled your terrine, place it in a bain marie and cook at 160c for a further 1-2 hrs or until cooked. Test with a metal skewer at intervals after the first hour.
Once cooked and cooled, place in your fridge for at least 24hrs before using as this will allow the seasonings to permeate the meats.

Place a weight on top of your terrine as it cools as this will help set it firmly, by doing so it will make slicing the terrine easier.