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Monday 31 January 2011

Egg Wash Tips

When next choosing a pastry brush, consider a traditional brush, one made with goose feathers.
A conventional pastry brush made with synthetic bristles can become irritating when they become brittle through constant washing and drying, for they loose their bristles and often over your pastry.

A pastry brush made with goose feathers however, is naturally born to withstand getting wet and dry on a daily basis.

A goose feathered brush will never loose its fibres, it will give you a perfect covering of egg wash each and everytime.

Lastly remember when egg washing your pastry to add a few drops of cold water to your egg wash, this will help breakdown the enzymes in the white of the egg. Having done so, you can then apply the egg wash evenly and without any snail trails of the egg white covering your delicate pastries.
If you would like to purchase a goose feathered pastry brush, then contact me and I'll put you in touch with the lady who makes them.
By the way those sausage rolls above tasted scrummy!


  1. I use mini painter's brushes. Love those goose feather ones! Will get in contact when I get some extra loot!

  2. Hi Sommer

    These brushes are made near to you, just over the border in the Czech Republic. Made by the poor villagers who sell them at the roadside at nearby railway stations and other places of high volume pedestrian traffic.

  3. I love that idea... I have never seen them. Those are just beautiful! They are an art piece in the modern day kitchen -

  4. Hi Megan, you should press these onto your tempered chocolate for nice patterns.

  5. Marc, thanks for the wonderful tips! Nothing worse than snail trails on your pastry. Now you've got me in the mood for sausage rolls.

  6. Hi Jean, Glad to have inspired you, now you need to inspire a local poultry farmer near you to make some of these feathered pastry brushes. The good thing about sharing these tips is; it's like stepping back in time and getting a feel of our food heritage.