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Tuesday 5 July 2011


Rillons is a dish we British do not embrace for some reason, yet the French hale this piece of meat as we do a good pork pie.

Having chosen your belly of pork, prepare the meat by cutting away any ribs that may be attached.

Then cut several 2 to 3 inch square pieces from the belly of pork.

Season with salt, pepper and maybe a little paprika and brown in a skillet, once browned place in a marmite and cover in dripping ensuring you cover the meat by at least 1 inch and slowly cook for two to three hours or until tender.

Once cooked either eat warm or leave to cool and eat with a salad or take it with you as part of a picnic.

Rillons can also be stored in kilner jars as Confit de Porc and covered in dripping where they will keep for several months in a larder and without refrigeration.

Enjoy !


  1. Never heard of rillons - I learn so much from you! But I can tell you, the rillon is probably tasty but I'm sure I'd rather have a pork pie. Maybe wrap a nice bit of pastry around a rillon ... Hmmm.

  2. that looks great Marc... I'll have to give it a try for bbq's this summer. usually, when I get a belly, it goes straight away for bacon.

  3. looks delicious, will have to have a go, it's not related to rilettes is it?
    wonderful blog