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Saturday 3 September 2011

Olde English Sausage Recipe circa 1800

When I was recently in Germany, I found myself wandering around a flea-market in Hannover. To my surprise I came across a German cook book dated 1800 and all written in old German, why was it surprising you may ask! Well this book titled "Neues Hannoverisches Kochbuch" loosely translated as a New Cook Book of Hannover. This book had in it some interesting recipes including recipes from foreign regions including an English sausage recipe, not what I expected from a book of that time era.

Soak old stale bread in milk
1lb Almonds toasted and ground fine
1lb Sugar
Lemon zest
Caneel (translation required)
1/2lb Belly pork (ground)
12 Eggs

Mix all the ingredients together and fill your skins before poaching in half milk and half water then brown in a skillet to finish.


  1. Yikes! That's no sausage, it's a cake! Whoever wrote that book needed *your* sausage recipes! I rarely stumble onto these wonderful finds that you come across, but when I do it is such fun.

  2. The caneel will be cinnamon. (The Portuguese for it is canela.)
    Thank you for finding this and sharing it. I think I might actually try this one.

  3. Kaneel is Dutch for cinnamon (Zimt is the proper modern German word). It reminds me more of Moraccan food then German sausage! I am going to try it.