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Sunday 4 September 2011

Field Mushrooms

Autumn is now upon us and it will be soon time to forage the fields for the bountiful larder that awaits us, if you are lucky enough, you may find some field mushrooms. Here are some ideas as you see what I did with mine.
Firstly size up a pastry cutter that fits comfortably over the mushroom stalk, this method helps to use all of the mushroom and helps keep the filling on the mushroom base.

With your pastry cutter, cut out the centre of some black pudding and then place over your mushroom stalk.
Now cut a cross in the centre of a slice of chorizo sausage and place over the mushroom stalk as you did with the black pudding.

Do the same with a burger and place onto the mushroom with some added onion rings as a garnish. Here I used a beef burger with added chorizo and sweet chargrilled peppers. The centre pieces can be placed to oneside and be used later as fillings for homemade ravioli.

On this mushroom I again cut a cross in a slice of pork salami, then placed that onto the mushroom before applying a smooth pork liver pate on top.

This last mushroom I used the following, firstly the chorizo, then the black pudding with a pork and herb forcemeat on top.

Any of these filling types can then be either oven baked as they are or better still wrap them in puff pastry and cook them encroute.

I am aware these fillings are a little basic and maybe clumsy, however they are fun to make and they taste amazing.

Come on guys, allow yourself some fun and go foraging, it's free and who knows you might find some field mushrooms just like these. Do remember if in doubt about anything you find, leave it!

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  1. black pudding and chorizo....dribbles
    nice ideas