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Friday 21 October 2011

Le Charcutier Anglais Book

It's been 3 years in the waiting, but finally it's completed and I'm awaiting delivery as I write this, except one book made it through the post today so I could see the finished article. Oh what joy, it was like the delivery of a child as I opened the package, not that my wife agrees with that sentiment.

For years family and friends have nagged me to write a book and if they knew the pain I went through, I'm sure they may not have encouraged me to do so. You see it only took a month for me to write it to completion and that was just a few hours most evenings each week, for the information just poured easily off the top of my head. Then the pain started, photocopying and sending the manuscript to the many book publishers out there in the main stream, they took ages to respond, almost 9 months before the first one replied explaining they have a constant stream of books being delivered daily for consideration. Many publishers did not have the good manners to respond, but those that did kindly said "thanks but no thanks" which was fair enough.
Then two publishers expressed an interest, one said "we'll make it look like a Jamie Oliver book" this will get the sales, but you will have to re-write it. No disrespect to JO, but I'm no Essex Boy. Another publisher wanted me to sign a contract where I needed to get their permission if I wanted to use the recipes printed, ergh I don't think so!

We are now 12 months down the road, so I decided I'll self publish, I hired an editor and I was promised to get my book back in 3 months ready for print. Well 9 months later and £1500 the poorer I still have no edited book, my editor explained they were off to India for several months and will finish the book when they return. Again I don't think so! I took it back and finished the editing myself.

Now I had to find a professional food photographer in order that I could accompany each recipe with a picture. Ouch, have you any idea how much these guys charge? I now know this would of run into several thousand pounds to capture the moment of some of the enclosed recipes. My next move was to buy an expensive digital camera and to learn quickly myself on how to take photographs of food in production along with learning on how to be a food stylist. The book contains some pictures from professional sources but the bulk of them are what I myself managed to achieve whilst recipe testing and going about my daily routine.

We are now 2 years plus down the road and I've managed to find a book designer, they have done a fantastic job in bringing it all together, albeit slow in getting it to completion, I am delighted with the results.

Now we are almost 3 years down the road and I am approximately £16k out of pocket as a result of self publishing. I'm currently overdrawn with the bank and I owe my credit card £1200 as without this debt I could not have finished the book. I hope those of you who buy the book will appreciate the work involved by all of those who have contributed towards it. Plus you will make me very happy knowing I can reduce if not clear my debt.

I hope you will enjoy the book as it brings you together with friends and family as you share your culinary conquests. If you do like it, then please tell those who would also be interested, whether thats your local farm shop, book store or delicatessen.

Thank You

Update July 2012
Well guys I have some great news, thanks to you investing in me by purchasing my book, I have now broken even, I can't tell you what a relief it is to be out of debt expecially given this was a very self indulgent project.

The book sales continue and the proceeds are going towards a second book of which I'm currently working on, it would be nice if a publisher came forward and secure my book, however I feel I will have to dig deep into my own pocket once more.

Thank You


  1. Congratulations, Marc! What a process! Besides the fact that you know what you're doing when it comes to charcuterie, readers are going to love your humour. I don't often laugh out loud whilst reading a cookery book!

  2. This book looks amazing, and will be spreading the word in South Wales for you. Hope it sells well, after reading some of the book in it's raw copy, it will be the book you can't put down, and that's from someone who hasn't read a book all the way through since school!

    If you still want a site doing let me know as could put something together for free if it was fairly simple now I have an income again.

    Hoping to get to London at the end of the month, so may see you there.

  3. Brilliant Marc, when will we be able to buy it?

  4. Was a pleasure to meet you today, and thank you for asking me to come up and participate, and giving me my duck breast to bring home and cure... I'm really excited as I've never cured anything before.

    Also, from previous comment, can see you are already friends with the lovely Chris Wildman, my favourite meat man oop norf!



  5. You should have asked, I would have happily taken photos for you in exchange for a few sausages here and there...
    I'm not a professional, but am into my food photography in a big way and local.
    Look forward to having a look at this book, might just be what i'm after.

  6. I was checking this book out, always interested in a good sausage/charcuterie book, and it's sold out! I'll put it on my list :)

  7. HI .,

    Is there a PDF / Downloadable version available?