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Wednesday 11 January 2012

Butchery & Charcuterie Courses

As Christmas has recently passed us by, some of you will of been lucky enough to have received a voucher to redeem against a butchery or charcuterie course.

Did he say, saw into 3 primals ?
Two of my favourite venues for acquiring such skills are, www.thymeatsouthrop.co.uk and www.empirefarm.co.uk  (I'll cover Empire Farm on a later blog.)

That's going to make a great Coppa Ham
How's that for you Daryll ?
These pictures were taken at Thyme Cookery School in the Cotswolds, a beautiful venue with loads of character, history and staff that really care!
Da Narrrrrrrrrrrr !
It's not meant to be serious Martha!
Did we mention for the vertically challenged, we can supply an orange box ?

Classes are designed with comfort and fun in mind and everyone gets their own workstation

Here you get to work in a state of the art kitchen with all the mod cons

I'm sure this woman is a groupie/stalker, she's there everytime I'm there on a course.
Pardon? She's who? Oh dear! She's Caryn the estate owner, oop's

Best of all, you could have myself as your super talented tutor for the day !
Now you know it doesn't get better than that.


  1. Inspired, just bought four pounds of pastured pork from a brand new specialty meat shop that just opened a few blocks from me. Can't wait to try it.