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Sunday 19 February 2012

Breakfast in the Barn

Where does the time go? I was reminded this morning it was 2009 when my farming neighbours Keith and Roz Partridge of www.duckallerfarm.co.uk  first started doing "Breakfast in the Barn" since then I've been meaning to blog about this simple but very successful idea of theirs to farm diversify.

Well 3 years on and Keith is still cooking the bacon and sausage which he makes from his free range traditional breed of Berkshire pigs.

People arrive by cycle and on foot as well as by car, they are of all generations and the cold weather never seems to put them off. Since those early days the barn is now fitted with a roaring wood burner and various gas heaters to take the worst of the chill off, albeit warm clothes are still recommended.

The diners are encouraged to bring their dogs with them if they so wish, in order they become acquainted with the farms livestock and surroundings. They can meet Paul the farms butcher and perhaps discuss the different cuts of meat which are also available on the day.

Keith explained he now holds these breakfasts every 3 to 4 weeks with more than 120 people attending at any one time, most opting for the Full English and a cup of tea albeit there is plenty of homemade cakes and soft drinks.

Farm walks are also organised, encouraging people to take in the local wildlife whilst building up a hunger for that wholesome breakfast that awaits them in the barn.

If you would like to learn more about what's happening down on the farm, then checkout their website www.duckallerfarm.co.uk  or better still pop on down when they next have a breakfast in the barn, where a warm welcome awaits you.


  1. What a beautiful idea, wish I was nearby to go! Been following your blog and love it..how would I get to this farm from London area? And on a side meat note, do you ever come to the US to teach? Merci!

  2. Hi Dorette
    Train from London Waterloo direct to Exeter and then a local train journey of appx 12 mins to Dawlish Warren with a short walk to the farm from there. Would love to come to the US to teach, often asked that one, needs someone US side to organise a small tour and then I'm all yours for a couple of weeks. Will be in Barbados teaching later this year, is that close enough?

  3. I want to have breakfast in the barn! Just having a bacon and egg sandwich in the kitchen this morning while in the midst of bread baking.

    PS Glad to see you blogging!

  4. Hi Marc, Thanks so much -- merci! Sounds very doable, getting to the Farm! And I would love to entertain thoughts of "organizing a small tour," but for now will check your site for more listings of where you'll be. I was in Liestal, Switzerland this past fall, and fell in love with the charcuterie of that region. Don't want to take up all your time, but are there a vacation charcuterie course in that style of production? (weird, huh?)thank you immensely!!!! and bon shrove tuesday, a demain.

  5. Dorette, best google Food Safari for details, there is also www.mangalitza.de lots of individual producers offering courses not sure of dates though.

    1. Hi Marc,
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