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Wednesday 26 June 2013

My Week So Far !

 On the farm it is the start of silage making once again..

First couple of trailer loads of mowed grass in the silage pit...How many more will it take to fill it I wonder?

Peter Greig of Pipers Farm at his butchery outlet at Powderham Castle Farm Shop in Devon inspecting his Devon Black Hams.
Peter happy with his first batch of chorizo sausage (choreetho)     

Michael a Pipers Farm team member getting a good handle on salami making..

Still rowing the grass for the silage..

Building up the layers of silage in the pit..

The chickens (bantams) still need feeding and watering..

Not too mention the watering of the vegetable plot..

Getting the layers of silage built high is tricky work with one of these tractors..

The loads of freshly mowed grass just keep on coming..

Made 9 kilner jars of lamb curry from the leftovers of the shoulder of hogget we had for Sunday lunch...

Still foraging the mowed grass for silage...

Catching the bantams up before it's dark otherwise Charlie (fox) might come around and run amok...

Still the loads keep coming...

Time for one more load before it gets dark..

Lia the farms Horse Groom and local Barmaid popped in and made some Moosemeat & Marmalade sausage using toast as the rusk, a quick practice session before the Canadian television crew arrive for filming in August. Check out www.mooswafilms.com for details..

Why is it women always smile when handling big sausage?

A quick visit to East Devon Hunt to collect a FREE pet rabbit (don't ask, a long story), but not before I had time to take a quick snap of the seperated hound bitches that are in season. I think these hot females have just spotted a male hound..

These hairy mutts are Otter Hounds used for hunting mink..

This hansome Aberdeen Angus Bull grazing outside my kitchen window will make some great "well hung beef". I know what you are thinking, you don't have to say it..

Anyway, where and what have you done this past week?

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