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Sunday 13 March 2011

Pate de Paque (Easter Pie)

When I was living in France, I was intrigued by the French charcutiers who followed tradition by making some products only at the appropriate time of year. I made Gala pies on a weekly basis much to the amusement of the French and yet they made their equivalent the Pate de Paque only at Easter time. There are many versions of this French pie, the one I have adapted here is from the Limousin & Charente region of rural France.

They use Brioche pastry and a favourite of the French but one I could never accustom myself to using or eating, it is far to sweet for my liking, I’m more of a savoury person. For my pie I have used a hot water pastry, however if you wish to do as the French do, then use this brioche recipe below, I would double/treble the quantities for a pie of this size.


175g x Plain Flour

200g x Butter

3 x Tablespoons Sugar

2 x Teaspoons Milk

2 x Egg Yolks

1 x Sachet Dried Yeast

½ x Teaspoon Salt

Firstly sieve the flour and add the salt and sugar. Warm up the milk and yeast together and pour over your mix adding the eggs and knead the mixture to obtain a smooth and elastic dough. Cover it with a tea towel and let it rise for at least eight hours before using

The pie I have made here took 1.5kg of minced pork seasoned with salt and pepper, along with generous amounts of chopped parsley and herbs. This filling keeps with tradition with the herbs being prominent.

Once you have filled your pie casing, place 6 boiled eggs halved length ways and flat side down onto your filling and cover with a pastry lid, crimp and egg wash before baking for 75-90 minutes.

Allow to cool before slicing, ensure each slice gets an egg, here I have used medium sized eggs offering 12 portions per pie.

Now you have some time before Easter this year to practise this recipe!!


  1. This looks phenomenally good! You couldn't pop a stamp on one of those slices for me, could you? I'll never get through a whole pie on my own. Actually I am more than willing to try...

  2. Hi Christie

    You're very funny. I'm heading for Germany in May with my reisemobile, can't wait for a Gyros Pita. I know, I know it's not German food, but still can't wait for one.

  3. hahaha well they are VERY GOOD.

  4. Love this pie~ Something I am more then willing to make it and eat it myself, it looks gorgeous :)

  5. What a beauty! I'm with you, I don't want a sweet dough in something like this.

  6. How well would this pie freeze? With a glut of eggs at the moment it looks the perfect way to use up a number

  7. Hi Sally, When gelatined they will keep upto 10 days and frozen upto 6 months.

  8. Hello, I am using your recipe for an Easter Potluck, at what temp do you bake this?

  9. Hi Gloria, 180c degrees is what I tend to bake at, regardless of which pastry I use. I would appreciate it very much if you could let me know how you got on. Happy Easter!