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Thursday 3 March 2011

Salami Cabinet

Here is a link to a nifty product which could be utilised as a salami cabinet:

Thinking about curing salami, there are many ways we can put together a DIY cabinet for the job, one would be to use an old stand up fridge or freezer and insert this little machine:

If you have enough money and you can afford the real deal, then look at the one pictured above as advertised by Tim at http://www.weschenfelder.co.uk/node/12125

For curing and air-drying meat products, we need both regularised temperature and humidity, so if building your own salami cabinet then think about a reptile incubator rather than an egg incubator as the repitile version is more geared up to suit our needs.

Only this week on offer at my local garden centre are some tall plastic lined narrow plant houses, like a tall cloche I suppose, so instead of using it to nurse your young plants, use it as your clean controlled environment for air-drying your meats.

Just one thing, if you follow these tips, do me a favour send me a picture, please!


  1. Hi Marc-Frederic,

    I have a fine food business in Australia and we were thinking this machine could help in the making of our saucissons and saucisses seches. So, I would like to know if you had
    the chance to use that device and if so what were your impressions about it?
    We are looking into importing this machine and have already got in touch
    with the Italian company so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Tried to email you about that but got a notification failure! So, if you would like to email me : philipgerm1@hotmail.com



  2. Hi

    You have to use google translate again

    I am making curingcamber from refridgirators with electronik equipoment for both the temp. and the humidity. Se my blog: http://korvoteknik.blogspot.com/search/label/Fermenteringssk%C3%A5p



  3. I forgot, my cabinet is for "do it your self" style so i dont sell just give people deskription how to make cabinets, cheap and with good accurasy.

  4. If you were to use a reptile incubator, would you need to make any alterations?


  5. Now i have too use google translate :-) alternations, what do you mean? I have a reptile lamp to dry out the curingcamber. This is the worst problem to take the humidity down. Not to increase it.

  6. Anybody know of any other makers of 'professional' cabinets like the one above? - I had a look at the Staginello but wondered if there were any others.

  7. Hi Marc. For the DIY salami cabinet is the idea that you just put the reptile incubator inside the fridge ? Bon Chance et Noël heureux. Pierre Olley . L'homme saucisse !