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Monday 4 April 2011

Easter Eggs

As we approach Easter we will have no doubt a glut of eggs from the birds and waterfowl around us, but what can we do with them all. Well we can make Gala pies as they use many eggs in their making. The French Easter pie (Pate de Paque) also uses many eggs, both these pies use hens eggs traditionally. Some of you may have Quail eggs to use, here we can make individual Easter pies easily by placing one whole quail egg in each pastry mould.

Boil for 4 minutes and cool and peel.

Place your seasoned pork filling into your moulds and make a depression with your thumb in the centre of the mix.

Now place a quail's egg into the hollow.

Cover the egg with some remaining filling and cover with a pastry lid and crimp over the edges.

Bake off in a pre-heated oven at 180c for approximately 50mins.

Allow to chill before slicing and serving.

Here my mate Paul Rebsdale, the head chef at the http://www.theoxenhamarms.co.uk/ near Dartmoor in Devon has used up his glut of duck eggs by making an ham & egg pate along with his version of an Easter pie. On that day this was my lunch, served with home baked bread along with homemade piccalilli, yum. Thank's Paul! (can I give you some positive feedback Paul? they was too much salad!) I hope this blog post gives you some inspiration to use up your glut of eggs ready for this years Easter time.


  1. I could happily lie on the sofa and be fed those mini Easter pies...

  2. Those little pies are adorable! And I do aim for adorable as well as delicious on my tea table. Or cocktail menu.