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Thursday 23 June 2011

Carpaccio of Venison

Raw (cured) venison is the pinnacle of all Carpaccio, served thinly sliced and laid on a platter to tease the taste buds of the unsuspecting guest before they move onto a main course.

First choose your cut of meat, loins and tenderloins work best, now dry cure your cut of meat and place in a vacuum bag and seal, if you do not have a vacuum packer then just use a ziplock type bag.

Dry Cure Mix
60% x Salt
32% x Brown Sugar
08% x Saltpetre

Add some herbs of your choice like crushed juniper berries, thyme, bay leaves and marjoram.

Use at 50g per kilo of meat.

We shall assume we are using a piece of loin appx 4 inches long. Cure between 1-5 days (depending on your taste) in the fridge turning daily, at the end of the curing time, take out from the bag and pat dry with some paper towel and start to use. For a more mature taste place in a cool place to air dry for appx 7-10 days. Leaving it to air dry for longer periods will result in a Bresaola.

Now slice thinly and serve with a Caper vinaigrette or with a simple dressing of olive oil.

Enjoy !

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  1. Marc, your suggestion of caper vinaigrette has my wheels turning. I love capers and use them in a number of dishes but have never put them in a vinaigrette. Now whenever I see carpaccio on a menu, I'll think of you.