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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Butcher Baker Farmer

You know I meet many butchers on my travels, some good and some not so good and then every now and again I meet a really good one, Gordon Atkinson is one of those rare talents.

Gordon showing off a tray of pork & prune crepinettes he'd just made
 Butcher Baker Farmer is proudly stencilled over the the outside of Gordons shop, I'll say no more than pop inside and chat to him on any one of those subjects, be warned though, order a coffee from his modern continental coffee machine as you maybe there sometime. (I think he ought to add "Barista" to his list of skills)

 If you ever find yourself in Harrogate Yorkshire, then there are two things you must do, one is visit www.bettys.co.uk tea rooms and the other is to visit Gordon of www.elite-meat.co.uk where you will receive a warm welcome and get the chance to chat about traditional fayre, baking (bread is a passion of Gordons), farming and charcuterie.

Gordon showing off again, this time his wonderful Beef Truffles
You know the best part about meeting Gordon was, I found him to be a real nice genuine bloke with tales well worth listening to, no banter, no hard selling just this pride that encompassed his craft.


  1. I adore Bettys (mentioned in my post of my recipe for Fat Rascals) and will certainly add Gordon's to my list of must-sees in beautiful Harrogate!

  2. Hi Jean, whilst in Bettys the other day, by myself I must add, I thought who would I like most to be here with me right now ? You, it was you I thought of, knowing you would relish the thought, the place and the high tea of coarse.