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Friday 8 February 2013

Lamb Butchery with the Flockable Lasses

I first met Sophie one of the two www.FlockableLasses.com  via Twitter, she kindly remarked on my charcuterie and expressed how she one day would like to learn those very skills that I had recently posted about, including on how to make a lamb cushion from a shoulder of lamb.

Well a week or two passed and I had followed Sophie during this time and all that I had witnessed was a young lady and her friend trying very hard to break out into Farming along with helping to save some rare & traditional breeds of sheep. These included the Castlemilk Moorit and Whiteface Woodland breeds and I know she would like to have some Herdwick sheep too within her present flock.

This determination along with her polite manner and comradeship with her friend Annabelle made me think if only they could get a little help from people that can offer it, they could become a formidable team that could inspire the next generation. That's it, my mind was made up, I had decided I would offer her and her friend free butchery and charcuterie training for a whole year. This is December 2012, so I decided to wait until Christmas before informing Sophie of my offer. I followed her on Twitter and witnessed through her tweets her commitment to farming. She was often by herself working through the cold nights delivering lambs into this world whilst the rest of us were tucked up in a warm bed. Well Christmas Eve was upon us and Sophie once again was working nights in the Lambing Shed by herself, she would be breaking in Christmas Day in a cold dark barn with no-one to talk to other than the sheep and as any sheepish events unfolded she would tweet them to the outside world for the rest of us to read in the comfort of our homes. On this occassion and just after midnight I emailed Sophie with my offer, this automatically transferred to her mobile phone and she received it whilst in the lambing shed working (not that I knew that would happen).

Sophie later told me she had become emotional and that my offer of help was the best Christmas present she could of wished for and that she would accept my offer along with her good friend Annabelle.

Well folks here is a video the lasses made recently of their first butchery & charcuterie lesson and if you can offer them any help at all with their Farming career do get in touch with them, for they are our future and we need them to succeed for the benefit of us all...

Just like to say a huge Thank You to Sally of www.empirefarm.co.uk for allowing us the free use of her butchery department.

p.s. Sophie, Empire Farm is in Somerset not Dorset....Lol


  1. Loved listening to your accent - thinking perhaps my grandfather who lived on the Lancashire-Yorkshire border might have sounded very similar. Tell me, what is this lamb cushion? I've never heard of that.

  2. Hi Jean, it's a lamb shoulder boned out and stuffed. People expect an ooh la la accent instead Eee by gum comes out....Lol....Marc

  3. I shall look at this later. Fond memories of our charcuterie course here on the Isle of Man. I learned such a lot. Hope you are keeping safe in these difficult times Marc. Love from the Manxies.