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Wednesday 3 July 2013

Meatup 2013

Steve & Dick discussing should they have another coffee!

Hmmm  Cappuccino or Latte?

Is Denmark is a good place to go on holiday...Lol (that always gets a good re-action)

Health & Safety Officer insisted stallholders wear gloves, it's not necessary, this is so wrong!

Rob Weschenfelder, he's a big lad isn't he?

If anyone asks we are talking about work!
Nice Birds!

A Classic - every butcher should have one..

Tim thinking about exporting to Japan
What do you think of Danish products.....(body language says it all)...Lol

Dukeshill Ham - been there great set up! 

Lucas team skiving again...

Lovely meat display, well done who ever did it..

What captions would you give to any of these photos?

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