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Thursday 19 August 2010

Bacon Rings

I was wondering to myself how can you make bacon and scrambled egg look good on a plate, and then Eureka! Bacon rings was my answer, so easy to make, I now ask myself why have I never thought of this before!

All you need is a chefs ring, now roll the ring along a slice of streaky bacon and allow the bacon to wrap around the ring, you may have to hold it in place with a cocktail stick or use a paper clip.

Bake off in the oven until cooked and allow to stiffen slightly, remove from the ring and it should stand up on it's own, now fill with scrambled egg and garnish just before serving. I think you will agree it looks lovely and the perfect portion size too!

You can serve this at breakfast of coarse, but you can also adapt the idea as a starter dish using smoked bacon and serve with a filling of Kedgeree with quail eggs to match the scale and portion size, perhaps placing some of the smoked haddock and halved or quarted quail eggs around the base. You can with care make a double tower with the bacon rings.

Top Tip: You must use good quality artisan bacon for this dish, for the cheaper water infused bacon shrinks too much and has too little flavour. I used rindless bacon with most of the fat trimmed from a Tamworth pig for this dish.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did when I first made it!


  1. Tried making these tonight, and they worked really well. Haven't tried filling them with anything yet but definitely going to making these next week for a party we are holding.

    Think everything on the menu will include a cured or smoked ingredient!!

  2. Well? C'mon George, tell us what you are going to use as a filling. Film the proceeds and You Tube it, then give us the link.

  3. I will have to have Molly see this as well. Her breakfasts will be change henceforth!

  4. This makes a lovely presentation! Scrambled is our favorite way of cooking eggs, so I must do this. We like our scrambled eggs cooked a little more than some people do, but certainly not overdone. I take them out of the pan the instant they are no longer at all wet.