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Tuesday 24 August 2010


What a wonderful way of using up forcemeat, wrapping parcels of seasoned minced meat in caul fat or crepine as the French call it and when fully wrapped then it is known as a crepinette.

These small parcels of meat are divine and look super displayed on your meat counter, better still they look really appetising when cooked and served in pairs on a plate accompanied with seasonal vegetables.

To make your crepinettes, first soak your caul fat in chilled water for 30 minutes to allow the membrane to become pliable. Then lay out flat the membrane on a work surface, then place first your decoration onto the caul fat and shape your meat to something that resembles a hash brown and place it on top, approximately 3ounces of meat will do it. Finally wrap it up into a parcel and trim the excess membrane and by placing any loose ends underneath allowing the decoration to be the upper-side for the parcel.

These finished crepinettes I decorated with the following, from left to right:

Top row: Beef & tomato, beef & onion, beef & red pepper with sun dried tomato

Middle row: Lamb & apricot, lamb & mint, lamb & rosemary

Bottom row: Pork & apricot, pork & prune, pork & sage


  1. The crepinettes look delicious. Did you cook them? Please tell me how.

    What type of meat do you use?

    Thanks from San Francisco!

  2. They're usually coated in bread crumbs and either fried, grilled or broiled.

    You can use just about any meat, it's like a sausage without the casing.