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Saturday 7 August 2010

Top 50 Weekend Courses

I seem to be on a good news theme with my posts at the moment, here I can tell you that recently broadsheet journalist Jane Alexander of the Telegraph newspaper wrote an article on the UK's Top 50 Weekend Courses to do. In the list of courses she mentions, there is a Food and Drink section where only five courses are reccomended including one I run at Empire Farm. Does this make it the top 5 foody courses to do? Anyway, here's what she had to say :-

Curing and smoking

Marc Frederic, who learnt charcuterie in France, teaches dry and wet curing, plus hot and cold smoking, at the organic Empire Farm in Somerset. Learn how to build a cold smoker, and mix herbs and spices to give individual taste to your food. At the end, of course, you get to bring home the bacon.

www.empirefarm.co.uk: 01963 371681 (from £120)

To read the full article by Jane, then link through to www.telegraph.co.uk and search Top 50 Weekend Courses.

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