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Tuesday 17 August 2010

Butchers Twine

Why do we use string?

There are many reasons as to why we use string in butchery, some of those reasons are; we can truss a chicken to bring the thighs into the body, as this will aid in cooking evenly and to keep inside any stuffing placed in the cavity. Boning and rolling joints are kept together by tying string around the meat, this not only allows even cooking, it also helps when we come to carving, allowing for even rounded slices.

String is often used to hang certain meat cuts like coppa, bresaola and salami, the making of Andouillettes are made easier by using string to pull the inners through the outer casing. Also for sewing up a Gallontine de Poulet or a 3 bird roast, whatever else we may use string for, we first have to become proficient with it, so if you are not yet familiar with butchers twine then practise with some old socks or use a tea towel inside a hand towel like I've used in one of the above photos.

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