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Monday 23 August 2010

Blood Sauce

I don't have a photograph of my blood sauce for obvious reasons, so here I have inserted an unrelated picture of a "right pair of scallions" to make you smile!

Now that the Game season is under way, we will be looking for various sauces to accompany our meats. The following sauce is particular good with hare and venison.

Blood Sauce
(serves six)

. Liver and blood from a game kill
· 60g x Plain Flour
· 60g x Butter
· 60g x Streaky Bacon finely chopped
· 60g x Onion finely chopped
· 1 x Bouquet Garni
· 100ml x Beef Stock
· 300ml x Red Wine (Shiraz)
· Salt & Pepper to taste

Using a skillet, gently cook the liver in the blood for appx 10mins, blend the cooked liver and keep to one side warm if possible.

Now make a roux with the butter, flour, onions and bacon, then add all the other remaining ingredients and heat whilst stirring and directly before serving add the mix to the blended liver and stir until consistency required.

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