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Wednesday 25 August 2010


Whilst the days are still warm, a light lunch is preferred and yet a good bacon butty is probally desired over any salad sandwich. So what are our options? Whilst you are deciding, here are two of my favourites:

Yes a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich can give you your protein fix whilst being refreshing with a convincing amount of salad. People think I'm choosing the healthy option, of coarse I am (not), I've no real interest in the salad given I'm a huge carnivore, so I plead to you, if you know me, just give me the bacon!

A warm bacon and brie baguette with a touch of cranberry sauce is a true delight. Using a well ripe brie on the warm bacon helps the cheese to melt enough to be delightful and whilst it offers you an earthy taste it is then mellowed by the cranberry sauce.

I have to say my favourite bacon sandwich is made with just bacon and my next favourite has to be this BBB.

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