Sunday, 22 August 2010

Strammer Max

Strammer Max (German blood sausage)

My wife who is German introduced me to Strammer Max, her version of this Black Forest recipe consisted of a slice of Pumpernickel bread with a slice of Schwartzwalder Schinken (Black Forest Ham) laid on top of the bread and cooked slices of Blutwurst (Bury black pudding was used here) with a freshly made fried egg on top of that to finish.

I do enjoy the many variations of this dish, only this morning I used fried bread, smoked black bacon and a slice of black pudding terrine (yes that is right, you can make black pudding in a terrine) with a scrambled egg topping. Another version is to replace the ham for beef and this would then be called a "Strammer Otto".

I must tell you whilst researching the origins of my wife’s recipe I learnt that strammer max is also German slang for an erection, I’m glad my name is not Max, can you picture me greeting my wife saying:
Hello darling, Max is here! ”.

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