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Tuesday 3 August 2010

Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire puddings, what do you do with them?

I've recently been making salt beef and pastrami and decided to dress my puddings as above. Here I made some plain Yorkshires and filled them with Steak Tartare with the yolk of a pullet egg, Salt Beef sliced and rolled with mashed potato and a bundle of carrots, last but not least Pastrami coated in coriander and black peppercorns with a tomato filling.

All the beef used was from local South Devon Cattle which are the largest of our traditional breeds of cattle, often known as gentle giants due to their docility and also referred to as orange elephants due to their size and colour.

For the mini Yorkshires, I cut small round shapes from a slice of salt beef and placed them on top of the puddings along with assorted fillings, a tiny quenelle of wholegrain mustard, a quenelle of creamy horseradish and finally a parisean silverskin onion.

I'm sure the Traiteur chef's amongst you will be able to adopt this and improve it for your own buffet service.

The best Yorkshire pudding recipe I know is based on equal measures:
1 x Cup of plain flour (plus good pinch of salt & pepper)
1 x Cup of eggs
1 x Cup of milk

Mix all the ingredients together and leave to stand for appx 30mins before use, then heat some fat in your tins until hot and then pour in your mix and cook for appx 25mins at 180c-200c or until cooked.

Top Tip: Use beef dripping over other fats and oils for this recipe.

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