Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Galantine de Poulet

Galantine de Poulet sounds so much nicer than Boned & Rolled Stuffed Chicken don't you think? Still not many people know that the word galantine is an English word, galantine is a dish where it is boned and rolled and cooked by poaching, unlike a ballotine which is baked, that is the only subtle difference.

There are a lot of pictures here I'm afraid as they are several techniques that need to be explained or demonstrated. Don't be put off by the work involved in preparing this dish, it will take you approximately 45 minutes for your first attempt and after a few practise goes you will get this down to 15 minutes.

Turn your chicken upside down so the breast is facing down and take your knife and make an incision from the neck all the way through to the tail.

Carefully cut around the rib cage and lift the carcass out when possible.

You can at this stage cut off the wings and thighs or bone them out too, like I've done here.

Gently pound and flatten the breast meat to make for easy rolling.

Take 4 of your favourite sausage and take the meat out of the skins.

Place 2 sausage onto the breast meat and fuse together using the back of a spoon allowing for the centre to be slightly hollow.

Place in the hollow a row of dried apricots and sprinkle some breadcrumbs and seasonings over the meats before applying the other 2 sausage on top.

Roll up and wrap your galantine in clingfilm before tying in twine.

A galantine of this size can be gently poached for 1 hour before unwrapping and browning in a skillet just prior to carving and serving. The dish also slices well when chilled and is a picnic favourite of mine when used as a cold dish.


  1. This looks beautiful! I will have to try it. The addition of the apricots sounds delightfully sweet.

  2. "Roll up and wrap your galantine in clingfilm before tying in twine" and then you poach it in the clingfilm ? If you say so but it sounds odd.

  3. I hate to sound so gruff, but it sounds like shit

  4. This sounds amazing. I will try it.